Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

Requirement for a Remote Operator Certificate

As a business or company wanting to operate commercial drones, you will require a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). This requirement can be likened to an airline such as QANTAS. QANTAS as a company has an Air Operator’s Certificate and each pilot has their own pilot’s licence relevant to the aircraft operated. Having a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) allows the company to operate commercial drones Australia wide with the individual holding a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

Create operational documentation for Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

To obtain a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC), an Operations Manual and Operational Library need to be developed. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) have created templates for both the operations manual and operational library, those that have completed Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training should have enough knowledge to complete the remainder. Aviassist can also write your operational documentation for you for a small fee of $450 which includes guidance on Job Safety and Risk Assessments. We have extensive experience developing operational documentation for both piloted and remotely piloted aviation.

Nominate a Chief Remote Pilot for the Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)

The business or company needs to designate a person responsible for the companies operations, known as the Chief Remote Pilot. CASA will issue the Chief Remote Pilot an example job to prepare a job safety and risk assessment. Once this is complete a phone interview takes place to discuss the safety assessment and explain your responsibilities. The initial fee from CASA will be approximately $1280.

Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)?

An individual, incorporated company or body corporate can hold a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC). The holder must nominate a Chief Remote Pilot who is responsible for ensuring operations under the Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) are safe and legal. The Chief Remote Pilot must hold a Remote Pilot Licence as a minimum requirement.

Does the Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) need to be renewed?

Initially after one year there is a renewal process with a small fee and if operations have been conducted in accordance with your operational documentation your Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) will be reissued for another 3 years.

Who can become Chief Remote Pilot?

Any responsible person holding a Remote Pilot Licence for the aircraft types to be operated by the company.

What aircraft can be operated under a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)?

Aircraft are categorised into Multirotor, Fixed Wing, Helicopter and Powered Lift. The Chief Remote Pilot will need to be licensed to fly each aircraft category and aircraft weight class.

Can flights be conducted under another companies Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC)?

Yes, this is completely legal providing the company holding the Remote Operator’s Certificate can manage the activity and all conditions of the Operations Manual are followed.

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