The theory component of this course is conducted through Aviassist’s Online Learning Management system and consists of a number of modules to ensure operations are conducted safely within the regulations dictated by Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) standard operating conditions.

Online Modules include:

  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Air Law
  • Aircraft Specific Information
  • How To’s
  • Use of applications to automate your drone

The practical component of this course will be directed by Aviassist’s qualified and experienced instructors to a Remote Pilot Standard, giving students the skills to confidently and proficiently operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft within the Excluded Category. Flight time is assigned approximately 1.5 days; however, the practical component is competency-based and will be an assessment by Aviassist’s quality-conscious trainers.

Individuals who complete the Advanced Excluded Category course will receive a Type Training certificate deeming them eligible for QBE public liability insurance.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced Excluded Category Training with Aviassist, the qualifications gained from this course can be credited towards our Remote Pilot Licence courses offered Australia-wide.