RPAS Training with Aviassist is the key to legal, safe and efficient commercial drone operations

Aviassist’s RPAS training instructs remote pilots to the highest standard of safety and operational skill. We use competency based training to support you until you are confident in utilising remote aircraft for commercial purposes. Aviassist has developed RPAS training content, specifically designed, to ensure complex information is delivered in an interesting and easy to understand manner. Our RPAS training courses are continually evolving taking into account new drone regulations, best practise and requirements to Australian business.

Aviassist’s RPAS training instructors all come from a commercial aviation background, bringing the experience and safety culture of the aviation industry to your training. RPAS training is conducted to the level of the Chief Remote Pilot, promoting confidence in shared airspace. RPAS training is conducted Australia wide at our training centres or we can come to you.

RPAS Training – Which aircraft type endorsement is right for you?

There are four different drone types that are used for commercial drone work; Multirotors, Fixed Wing, Powered Lift (VTOL) and Helicopters. Each of these drone types requires a separate endorsement. A single endorsement is provided as part of a standard Level 1 Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) course and additional endorsements may be added to your course or completed later when needed. The endorsement covers use of the drone type and is independent of the type of sensor that may be used for drone photography, drone mapping or drone surveying.

This table shows what drone types are in common use for different commercial drone applications. Read more about drone types

Multirotor Fixed Wing Powered Lift
Photography, Film and TV Yes
Roof and solar inspection Yes Yes Yes
Real Estate Yes
Drones for mapping Yes Yes Yes
Drones for surveying Yes Yes Yes
Bridge and building inspection Yes
Power line inspection Yes Yes Yes
Drones in mining Yes Yes Yes
Stockpile assessment Yes Yes Yes
Vegetation crop mapping Yes Yes Yes
Wildlife tracking and stock inspection Yes Yes Yes
Aerial weed spraying Yes Yes Yes
Search and rescue Yes Yes Yes