Flight Crew Licence Remote Pilot Licence

Flight Crew Licence recognised prior learning for issue of Remote Pilot Licence

Flight Crew Licence holders hold recognised prior learning. A Part 61 Flight Crew licence holder is exempt from the theory component of Remote Pilot Licence training. Coming from an aviation background, Aviassist intimately understands the existing knowledge and has created a specific training pathway for Flight Crew holders.

Flight Crew training process for issue of Remote Pilot Licence

The pathway for Flight Crew Licence holders to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence is type training. The type training includes a practical training component and a practical flight test. The practical component requires a minimum time (5 hours) as well as competency items to be met. We schedule the practical sessions to allow us enough time to meet the flight hours which would usually see you complete the competency items as well. Any logged hours conducted previously can be counted towards the flight time requirement. Practical sessions are scheduled over 2 days.

Aviassist conducts licence training on the following aircraft types

Multirotor Fixed Wing Powered Lift
25kg 7kg 7kg

The Type training course price is $1250 including GST for all aircraft types. The course price includes above plus 12 months access to our online learning management system which contains the course content.

Aviassist has developed a self-study online course encompassing:

  • Multirotor type training
  • Aircraft specific type training
  • Air law for Remote Pilot

While there is no official requirement to study the content the practical flight test component features a knowledge component.