Professional Drone training

Quality Remote Pilot Licence training on Multirotor 25kg, Fixed Wing 7kg and Powered Lift 7kg.

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Auditing & Approvals

Improve your drone business with approvals & auditing services with certified lead auditors.

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VTOL Specialists

Drone training on professional VTOL platforms.

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Your Partner in Aviation Since 2008.

Aviassist is a company dedicated to providing aviation expertise through RPAS training, drone training courses and consultation to Australian Business. We are passionate about increasing safety and efficiency through utilising the latest drone technology and best practise.

We describe ourselves as "your partner in aviation" and our motto "facilitating flight" describes our commitment to ensuring any aviation activity can be made straightforward and stress-free for our partners.

  • AAUS Industry Awards 2019 Education Winner
  • AAUS Industry Awards 2020 Education Winner

Aviassist is your partner in aviation for drone training conducted by professional, experienced instructors in piloted and remotely piloted aviation.

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Drone No-Fly zones established around airports

The Part 101 Manual of standards introduced No-Fly zones around all aerodromes in April 2020. The No-Fly zones restrict operations within 3 nautical miles of controlled and non-controlled aerodromes.

Implementing Senior Base Pilots

Introducing Senior Base Pilots into the organisational structure of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators allows significant streamlining of the organisation. When implemented correctly, this significantly reduces the day to day workload of the Chief Remote Pilot and increases the flexibility of the organisation.

Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) expands horizons

Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) allows flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight of the Remote Pilot by using trained observers. Extended Visual Line of Sight operations can be obtained through a straight forward approval process.

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