Meet the Aviassist team – Rowan Kimber

Aviassist is proud of our passionate and professional team. Rowan Kimber is a commercial RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Instructor and piloted Fixed Wing Instructor. Rowan has a Bachelor of Law (honours) and is an award winning lawyer specialised in Aviation and drone regulation. Based in Melbourne, Rowan leads Aviassist drone training Melbourne including regional Victoria and Tasmania.

Drone training instructor Melbourne

Aviation Background

Rowan commenced flying in 2001 at RMIT University in Melbourne. His first commercial flying gig was as a volunteer glider tow pilot in Benalla, Victoria. Rowan went on to work as a flight instructor in Melbourne prior to flying twins in the Torres Strait. Moving to Townsville, Rowan worked as a flight instructor and charter pilot. Rowan progressed to become the Chief Pilot of the charter side of the business and spent several years flying around North Queensland in various types of general aviation aircraft. After some time in the legal profession, Rowan joined the Aviassist team in September 2017 as a RPAS instructor based in Melbourne. Rowan is also the proud owner of a De havilland Tiger Moth, a World War 2 training aircraft.

Interest in drones and RPAS training

Rowan believes that RPAS are the natural progression for the aviation industry and will, in the not too distant future, replace all prior forms of aviation. He would like to help shape this new side of the aviation industry and help RPAS become the successful tool they are capable of.

Favourite subject to train

Naturally Rowan favours air law. The reason Rowan became a lawyer was that he was working as a Chief Pilot, responsible for legislative compliance, and had little idea what the legislation was actually saying. It is easy to naively think that the law is a simple common sense reading of the legislation. The more law Rowan learnt, the more he realised what the law actually required and the liability imposed on everyone involved in air operations.

Rowan states ” Everyday I hear about operators who see the law as nonsense barrier to their commercial endeavours. The legislation is there for a reason and doesn’t need to be a barrier.” The way Rowan sees it, know the requirements and use them to your commercial advantage.  Stay safe, stay compliant, stay in the air.

Most rewarding aspect of working at Aviassist

Rowan loves the classroom. Every week there is a moment where students understand why he loves aviation so much and they begin to want to know more and more. By the end of the class they ask how they can get their piloted aircraft licence, at that point he says he knows that he has done his job. Rowan goes on to say “These people are the ones who will help shape the drone industry in a positive way” and Rowan believes it is his job to point them in the right direction.

Further developments in drone applications

Rowan sees further development similar to piloted aviation. Rowan states that he “thinks it is time for drones to become certified so they can operate in close proximity to people, property and aircraft. I’d like to work on certifying something that will properly mix with piloted aviation”

Aviassist drone training Melbourne

Aviassist’s training facility in Melbourne is located in Yarraville

Training available from this location:

  • CASA Remote Pilot Licence
  • Excluded category drone training
  • Instrument Rating Exam training

About Aviassist

Established in 2008, Aviassist is a Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified company specialising in drone training and dedicated to providing aviation expertise to Australian Business. We describe ourselves as “your partner in aviation” and our motto “facilitating flight” describes our commitment to ensuring any aviation activity can be made straight forward and stress free for our partners.

Aviassist began its journey as an experience base of professional pilots, providing flight crew for Aeromedical, Aerial Survey and Corporate Charter. Sharing our knowledge with the next generation of commercial pilots, aviation training was incorporated, providing real world experience to aspiring flight crew.

Since Aviassist was founded, remotely piloted aircraft technology and associated applications have begun to rapidly evolve, making these new aircraft financially viable for a large range of commercial applications. Aviassist has evolved into a company embracing remotely piloted aircraft and has pioneered custom drone training solutions for commercial drone operations.

Aviassist has grown into a company that conducts regular drone training and piloted aviation theory courses Australia wide. We specialise in training those with little or no exposure to aviation and have many years and thousands of hours of real-world experience to share.

Aviassist is passionate about promoting safe aviation activities and increasing business efficiency through the use of the latest technology. Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved and independently audited, Aviassist is your first choice for professional drone training.

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