Flight Crew

Utilising safe, efficient and reliable flight crew is an essential part of running any company involved in aviation, piloted or remotely piloted. Having Aviassist on your team increases availability, experience, and return clientele. Let us increase the flexibility and productivity of your company

Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Operating remote aircraft is all about the imagery/data and at Aviassist we understand this. Of course we can fly the aircraft but we also understand the best practices in acquiring the data required by your company.

  • Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Multirotor 25kg/Fixed WIng 7kg
  • IREX

Piloted Aircraft

Flight crew

Aviassist has experience with both commercial operators and private company aircraft. With safety of flight operations always the first priority, Aviassist delivers efficiency through experience.

As a commercial operator in the Aviation Industry you are well accustomed to the dynamic environment the industry presents. Don’t miss opportunities due to lack of flight crew and/or aircraft. Aviassist is an independently owned and operated company ensuring your clients remain yours.

For companies, private aircraft bring a level of efficiency not experienced travelling with airlines. Aviassist can crew your company aircraft and provide your company with the aviation expertise to acquire/lease aircraft and see the benefits an aircraft brings to your company.

Aircraft Charter

Need to travel somewhere not serviced by the airlines? Ask us how.

We can assist your company with:

  • Unfamiliar operations
  • Permanent Flight Crew Solutions
  • Temporary Flight Crew Solutions
  • Holiday Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Unexpected Growth
  • New Contracts
  • Seasonal Peaks

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Drone Training

Drone Training

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC)
Instrument Rating Exam (IREX)

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Aviation Training

Aviation Training

Instrument Rating Exam (IREX)

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Flight Crew

Flight Crew

RPAS Consultancy
Area Approvals
Unfamiliar operations

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